A Little about Me

and my tribe


When a camera isn't in my hand, believe me, my tribe keeps me hoppin'. With a hubby and two boys, 12 and 9, there's never a dull moment. Then throw in the huge, pampered, furry girl (Bella Kate, our Great White Pyrenees) and our family is complete. My mom life is probably pretty similar to everyone else's . . . it's a whirlwind of surviving kids in school, sleepovers with stinky boys, and having fun still dating my favorite guy of almost 18 years.

It's a crazy life but I love it.


I never in a million years thought I would hear myself say this but, at the top of my list of favorite family activities, is CAMPING. . . this past summer we hooked up the RV and embarked on an almost 6000 mile road trip and traveled west to about 18 states. We saw so much gorgeousness! Topping my list of fav stops had to definitely be Zion National Park, the Grand Tetons and of course, Yellowstone. Memories made will last a lifetime. . . and yes, I took a million gazillion pics.

(To see our full vacay album just click here )


I can't deny being addicted to photos. . . my kids know that mom is going to take pictures 24/7 and, thankfully, they are pretty tolerant. I'm addicted to silly selfies so you'll see alot of those below as well as loads of Bella Kate. Our girl has a following like none other. . . everybody that meets her falls head over heels. Yes, I let her get away with anything and everything. . . we girls must stick together.


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